The famed 'Maritime Malt' perhaps isn't quite as salty as it was back in the day, but you still get a lovely touch of it alongside the juicy citrus and caramelised banana sweetness.


A fresh island character. Beautifully balanced citrus fruit and light vanilla sweetness with bursts of apple and delicate marine notes.


Smoked ham, preserved lemons, lapsang souchong and salted caramel tones. The palate starts of with a hit of smoke, before dipping into sweet fruit, a rubbery note and then back to smoke with a cooling, Fox's Glacier Mint finish.


Lemon and orange barley sweets on the nose, which opens up to give cereal notes with the addition of water. Lemon barley again, on the palate, with pleasant honeysuckle and sweetness in the finish.


A sweet blast of vanilla, honey and figs up front gives way to a dollop of strawberry jam, with just enough citrus peel to keep it fresh. Dangerously drinkable with a splash of water.


Creamy fudge, green apples, oak, slightly salty on the nose. The palate brings vanilla and warm spicy tones. A lovely oily character and hints of nuts and dried fruit.


Matured in PX, charred virgin oak and ex-bourbon. Sweet crème brulee and Hobnobs on the nose, balanced by herbaceous flavours of wild mint and delicate aniseed. Warm orange peel and light lemon sweets. On the palate this is still undoubtedly Ardbeg, although in a lighter guise. Tobacco leaf and sweet hay mix with honeyed notes and brightened by that hint of citrus, again. The finish is sweet, nutty and smoky.


Inspiration for the name of our new Single Malt came from the heart of our distillery at Kingsbarns. During the renovations of the old farmstead that began in 2013, efforts were made to restore, not replace, many parts of the historic building. One of these was its oldest space: The Doocot. Scottish for Dovecot, the Doocot sits at the centre of our Fife distillery and holds our first fill cask from March 2015. As a space that once acted as home for doves and pigeons, it has now transitioned to a home for our story, but with its history still very much intact. Our new flagship single malt has enjoyed a longer maturation in cask, maintaining balance and developing complexity. Purchase a bottle today and become a part of that story. Nose Sweet and floral, soft brown sugar with banana cake batter and tropical notes Palate Pineapple syrup, summer berries and a hint of rhubarb Finish Kiwi fruit and citrus zest


Yellow plums, burnt caramel, damp soil and chimney smoke on the nose. On the palate the peat continues, alongside mineral and fruit tones, with heavy hints of black pepper throughout.


Oodles & oodles of fruit - both fresh (plums & figs) and dried (raisins & candied orange). Add in some cinnamon dusted Danish pastries and you have a deliciously indulgent dram.


Granola and crisp, red apple on the nose with hints of toffee. Palate is creamy porridge with light fruit and a note of marzipan. An uncomplicated, honest whisky, but with a impressively lengthy finish of barley and fruit.


Distillery Notes: Nose: Mellow maple syrup, roasted banana, fruity dates, apples and spicy cinnamon, caramelised demerara sugar with subtle waves of earthy peat. Palate: Rich fruity pears, roasted banana with spicy cinnamon, caramelised nutty almonds followed by a pleasant smoky earthy peat and subtle maritime notes. Very smooth velvety texture, well balanced and complex. Finish: Long lasting with lots of character.


Complex and luxurious. Notes of dark chocolate and ginger. Hints of spice, ripe figs and sweet cherries.


Lots of citrus - mandarins, pink grapefruit & blood orange - with soft cinnamon & clove spice all tied together with honeyed sweetness.


Creamy butterscotch with a hint of toffee apple, candied orange, vanilla custard and newly felled oak. Deliciously honeyed on the palate, with wood spices and citrus, balanced with raisins and caramel. Warm, sweet and drying on the finish.


Distillery Notes: Toasted cinnamon shards | Mellow peat smoke | Warm vanilla sponge cake | Sun-kissed lemon zest | Fresh pineapple | Heather-rich honey


Distillery Notes: Aromas of toffee, tropical fruits and cinnamon.  Flavours of rich black forest fruit, cocoa and coffee. Matured for eighteen long years in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels and enriched by superior Premier Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux barrels