Ardbeg ARDCORE Committee Release

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50.1% Vol
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From Ardbeg, a distillery with more ups and downs than a pogoing punk, comes ARDCORE. A wild whisky, it’s not just about the maturation, but more what happens up front…centre stage. Made using black malt barley, roasted to within an inch of its life, this smoky, spiky spirit is fit only for the most ARDCORE of fans…

Created with BLACK MALT BARLEY, ARDCORE is a first for Ardbeg, and probably whisky. Aromas of DARK CHOCOLATE and BRITTLE TOFFEE clash. While amped up notes of ANISEED and CHARCOAL elbow their way to the fore. It’ll PUNKTURE your palate and trash your TASTE BUDS. This is ARDCORE.

Product Name Ardbeg ARDCORE Committee Release
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Class Single Malt
Age Declaration
Distillation Date
Strength (ABV %) 50.1%
Bottling Date
Volume (cl) 70cl
Bottle No.
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Private Label
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