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  • Winemaker’s notes: Between the Ionian Sea and the rocky shore, wild thyme bushes trust the wind with their scent. A wine that keeps the essence of the Mediterranean maquis: its delicate flowers, the fierce sun and the strong wind. It is crisp and it loves seafood.

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    Timo Vermentino di San Marzano
    75cl / 12% ABV
  • Winemaker’s note: A lively nose exuding stone fruit and citrus fruit aromas. An enveloping silky texture on the palate is balanced with refreshing acidity and bone-dry flavours of peaches and grapefruits. The long, lingering finish is perfectly matched with a warm goat’s cheese salad, grilled seafood, or enjoyed on its own.

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    Selladore Rose
    75cl / 13% ABV
    £16.99 Out of stock