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  • Winemaker’s note: A warm, ripe wine in which the characteristics of Valpolicella are highlighted, linked to freshness and drinkability, but also the richer and more concentrated notes of chocolate and sour cherry, ascribable to the dried grapes. Enjoy with flavoursome pasta and rice dishes, such as Porcini mushroom risotto, Amatriciana pasta and Carbonara; grilled and … Continued

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    Bertani Valpolicella Ripasso
    75cl / 13.5% ABV
  • Winemaker’s note: Aromas of ripe cherries and sweet spices. The palate is rich, intense cherries and berry fruit; good length and soft tannins. Exceptionally versatile. Good with pasta dishes dressed with rich sauces (meat or mushrooms); grilled or roast red meat, and game. Ideal with well-aged cheese.

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    Masi Campofiorin
    75cl / 13% ABV
    £15.99 Out of stock