Wood shavings, fresh honeysuckle, leather and salty smoke on the nose. Sweet peat smoke on the palate, with vanilla pods and chocolate digestive biscuits. The finish is long with warming peat smoke.


A fresh island character. Beautifully balanced citrus fruit and light vanilla sweetness with bursts of apple and delicate marine notes.


Puffs of peat smoke and pools of honey, sharpened by lemon zest.


Like relaxing on a Mediterranean terrace, surrounded by kumquat plants and with honeysuckle on the breeze. With time buttery Digestive biscuits and toffee with a light custard finish.


Oak plays a good part in the initial nose, with sweetness of vanilla and citrus notes in the background. Orange, apple, spice and a little honey.


Vanilla sponge cake and milk chocolate buttons straight away, giving way to caramel, oranges and sweet red apples, then with notes of tobacco and coffee beans coming through. On the palate panettone elements and a pleasant nutmeg spice in the finish.


Orange marmalade, cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose. Mandarin, vanilla, ginger and crushed apples on the palate with finishing notes of caramelised orange and rich, dark chocolate.


Marzipan, apricot jam, pear drops and pineapple cubes on the nose. Full-bodied and satisfying mouthfeel: treacle toffee merges with kirsch cherries and spicy gingerbread. A smooth and long finish: the spice intensifies then fades, leaving a Rhum and raisin finish.