Zoom Tasting: Party Like It’s 1516! German Beer Tasting

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Friday June 4th – Party Like It’s 1516! German Beer Tasting
(£25 + shipping if required)
On April 23rd 1516, Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria decreed that the region’s beer must contain only three ingredients: barley, hops and water. Amazingly, this law still exists (kinda) and, despite the many innovative styles created by the craft beer boom, Bavarian beers remain some of the most classic and beloved in the world.

Join Luvians’ own beer geeks Anna Rogan and Andrew Wilson for a deep dive into this history – accompanied, of course, by six classic styles from the home of Oktoberfest: a Helles, a Märzen, Dunkel, a Hefe Weiss, a Hopfenweisse, and an Eisbock.


Tickets are £25: with 6 x 330/500ml bottles, this is the ideal tasting for two or three people to share.

Part one of a two-part German beer special, with part two coming in July…

For full T&Cs please contact us at tastings@luvians.com

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