Lockdown Zoom Tasting: UK vs USA Gin Blind Tasting

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Join us on Friday April 9th in a transatlantic celebration of the joy of juniper as we settle a the debate – who does it better, the homeland or the former colony? We will taste 3 pairs of gin – one British, one US and voting for our favourite each time until we crown our champion nation.

Tickets cost just £35 and you can have them either mailed direct to your door or collect in store (you’ll receive a £5 gift voucher in your set if you save us the bother and collect in store). Your set comprises 6 x 25ml gin samples & 3 x 200ml tonics.

Via Zoom, you’ll be joining a couple of dozen gin adventurers around the country, you’ll have the chance to ask questions, chat to other members of the group and sit in your favourite chair in the comfort of your living room.

For full T&Cs please contact us at tastings@luvians.com


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