Lockdown Tasting: SPEY Distillers vs Ian Macleod

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SPEY Distillers vs Ian Macleod

Luvians Lockdown Blind Whisky Tasting

Friday, 25th September, 7pm

SPEY distillers have established themselves as one of the most flexible and innovative distillers around, producing an array of styles that belies their Speyside home. Ian Macleod meanwhile pull from multiple distilleries to create some of the most balanced and best drams around. Join us on the 25th as we pit them head to head in a blind tasting to find out who are the malt masters!

Tickets are just £30 plus shipping if required. If you have any questions please email us st.andrews@luvians.com or call us 01334 477752, and we’ll be happy to help.

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