Exclusive Tasting: Ardnamurchan!

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Saturday May 15th – Ardnamurchan Tasting
(£45 + shipping if required)
Our goal is to get people drinking and enjoying these marvelous whiskies, learn more of the Ardamurchan story and offer the rare chance to try a unicorn dram before you have to commit to a whole bottle.
  • 7pm, hosted by Archie McDiarmid of Luvians & Antonia Bruce of Ardnamurchan.
  • 25ml bottles of each of the following whiskies – Ardnamurchan AD/04:21 Paul Launois Release, AD/04.21:03, AD/09.20:01 (Inaugural Release), Kilchard (A Kilchoman/Ardnamurchan Blended Malt), Peated Cask Sample Cask 669P
  • Tasting sets are limited to one per address.
  • On the night of the tasting the follow bottles will be balloted

o 12 x Ardnamurchan AD/04:21 Paul Launois @ £65

o 16 x Ardnamurchan AD/04.21:03 @ £45

  • The ballot will be held live exclusively among those in attendance at the tasting. No bottles will be balloted to those not in attendance, even if they have purchased a tasting set. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A SET IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE TASTING unless you simply wish to try the whiskies and are not hoping to purchase a bottle.
  • There will be no multiple winners in the ballot, only one bottle per customer can be won.
  • Names will be drawn at random one at a time & each person chosen has their pick of the remaining bottles at the time their name is drawn. If your preferred bottle has already gone, you are not obligated to take a bottle.

We hope that answers any questions you may have regarding the format of the tasting, and the reasons behind it, but if you have any further questions or feedback, please get in touch tastings@luvians.com


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