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  • Box of 25 Cigars   The Robusto of choice for many cigar epicureans. Formerly presented without any band, now it sports no fewer than two, so its identity is clear. Flavour: Light Length: 4 7/8″ (124mm) Ring Gauge: 50 Smoking Time: 30-40 minutes Suggested Drink Pairings: Blonde Beer; Champagne; Lowland Whiskies

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    Hoyo de Monterrey Cabinet Epicure No. 2
  • Box of 10 Cigars   Simply the most popular individual handmade cigar in the UK. Its rich, tangy, medium to full flavour acts as the benchmark for a lot of smokers embarking on the journey to their preferred Havana. Many return to it again and again. Flavour: Medium to Full Length: 5 1/8″ (129mm) Ring Gauge: 42 … Continued

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    Montecristo Cabinet No. 4
  • Box of 10 Cigars   Many see this as the definitive Robusto. With its controlled, rich, complex taste and distinctive red and gold band, they have a good point. A pure-bred Havana. Flavour: Full Length: 4 7/8″ (124mm) Ring Gauge: 50 Smoking Time: 30-40 minutes Suggested Drink Pairings: Islay Whiskies; Rum; Coffee

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    Partagas Serie D No. 4
  • Transit Packet of 10 Tubos Cigars   Not as small a cigar as you might think. A decent ring gauge with a length that allows enough time for you to relax and enjoy an elegant and rewarding, medium-bodied smoke. Flavour: Medium Length: 4 5/8″ (117mm) Ring Gauge: 40 Smoking Time: 20-25 minutes Suggested Drink Pairings: Beer; White Wine; Whisky

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    Romeo y Julieta, Romeo No. 3