10 bottles of Daftmill 15 Year Old will be balloted via our website, . To enter the ballot, simply purchase a bottle of whisky during the month of August, 2022. You don’t need to do anything else except purchase a bottle of whisky on the website between August 1st & August 31st 2022 to enter the ballot. It must be a full bottle size (70cl or 50cl, depending on the distillery) of whisky, and cannot be on special offer. Your name will automatically be entered into the ballot and you will be contacted with an offer to purchase a bottle of Daftmill if you are successful once the ballot is drawn at the start of September. We will not, sadly, have time to contact unsuccessful entrants.

We have tried to make this exciting release of Daftmill available to as many in our community of whisky lovers, locally and further afield. For all other ways of getting a taste of this highly sought-after dram, please see below:

  • 15 full bottles will be made available at each shop (30 bottles in total) on the morning of Saturday 6th August at 10am. If you do decide to come and queue for a bottle, please remember that there are only 15 bottles available at each shop, if you arrive and the queue is longer than 15 people when you arrive, you are almost certainly not going to get a bottle.
  • To get as many people tasting as possible we have split 4 additional bottles into miniatures. Two bottles’ worth of minis will be available for sale at each of our St Andrews & Cupar shops from 10am on Saturday 6th of August (minis will be labelled in house at Luvians and have no collectable value), first come, first served no more than one per household, priced at £9.95. That will be 28 minis available at each shop, if you wish to count the queuers upon arrival!
  • Daftmill 15 Year Old will be included in our next allocation tasting, Whiskypalooza – Summer 2022, 7pm, 11th August 2022 , £120 per pack – Each pack includes 6 x 25ml samples & 1 x 70cl Ardnamurchan Cask Strength. Tickets and full details for this, and 3 other exciting tastings, will be available to purchase from our website. Please don’t call and ask us when, because staff will not know! In addition to tasting the Daftmill at the tasting, a further 6 bottles will be balloted on the night with the option to purchase.

We appreciate that we will never be able to satisfy everyone who is hoping to purchase a bottle or even just try a dram, but hope everyone appreciates our efforts to get as many bottles opened and enjoyed as possible while serving our community of whisky lovers here in Fife and further afield.
All at Luvians