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  • Please note: this product is strictly one per customer. Customers purchasing multiple bottles will be refunded and will only be sent one. Slainte! This charming little Fifer lets you know immediately that it’s from top quality first fill ex-bourbon barrels with lashings of vanilla essence, and spiced custard appearing on the nose.  A little bit … Continued

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    Daftmill 2008 Winter Release
    70cl / 46% ABV
    £100.00 Out of stock
  • In celebration of Glenfarclas Distillery’s 185th anniversary, they have released this limited edition single malt. A beautifully full and rich nose of cheesecake base, toffee and cream sherry. The palate brings an unexpected savoury note, giving the impression of salted caramel, with a touch of minty pepperiness. The finish is long and luxurious, with notes … Continued

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    Glenfarclas 185th Anniversary
    70cl / 46.00% ABV
    £120.00 Out of stock