Scottish Craft Vodka

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Scottish Craft Vodka

Just in case you feared that we’re a one trick pony here at Luvians, we do love to dabble in all things alcoholic and awesomely made!

So Scottish craft vodka! Still the leading spirits category by a country mile, accounting for nearly a third of all spirits purchases in 2015, it’s crying out for some excitement from the craft producers of Scotland who seem to have been occupied with things all juniper! Thankfully a few have stepped up, and we now stock three unique and exciting vodkas, all worth a tipple or too!

First up is Arbikie. From a family farm up in Angus comes a hearty, starchy potato vodka carried by a powerful wack of coriander and just a hint of cedar on the nose that marries well with a rich, textural, even spicy, palate and a long and very smooth finish. Three brothers head up this distillery, and as well as making gin they are laying down whisky, so it’s well worth watching how their many spirits develop over time!

Next is a personal favourite, Ogilvy. Another family farm and another potato vodka, but of a rather different character. This is a really floral, estery spirit that makes me think of sun drenched grassy fields. A touch of pear lingers in the background, while hazelnut develops after a few minutes. The delicacy carries on the palate, giving this vodka a refreshing and cleansing feel. Again it’s pear that comes through, slightly under ripe and crisp. Just a really well made spirit that’s definitely worth a visit or two!

Last is Holy Grass Vodka, from Dunnet Bay Distillers who have previously given us the outstanding and wildly popular Rock Rose Gin. Not one for the purists out there, there’s four botanicals used in production, but one that may be of interest to the gin lover looking for a non-juniper botanical fix. The Holy Grass itself is complemented by apples and two “secret” botanicals. The grass gives the vodka a sweet vanilla and chamomile nose, while the apples lend tannic structure to the palate, itself touched by honey and the lingering flavours of vanilla. A wonderful little curiosity!

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