Highland Park, Ice Edition, 17 year old

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Highland Park, Ice Edition, 17 year old

Following on from the very successful Norse gods trilogy, Highland Park are returning to the fray with another Norse themed release, this one exploring the Nine Realms of the Norse world. The Ice realm of Nilfheim is the first world, the darkest and coldest, lying far to the north and the source of the water for Yggdrasil the World Tree.

Launching in April with Ice, a 17 year old whisky styled on the Freya release from the previous series, this will no doubt be another highly sought after release from the distillery. We don’t know how many editions there will be for sure, but the next will be Fire, named for Muspelheim, the realm of the giants and demons.

The whisky itself is largely aged in bourbon, and on the lighter end of the spectrum for Highland Park, with a creamy richness and misty hints of smoke given decent structure by some oaky spice.

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