About Luvians

Luvians was created in 1980, and the first shop opened in Cupar on Christmas Eve, 1983. Since then, for over 30 years, we have demonstrated a true passion and excitement for the many great wines, spirits and beers there are in the world.

Today we have two bottleshops: the original in Cupar and one in St. Andrews, rammed to the rafters with some of the rarest and finest whiskies, wines and champagnes as well as a great spread of many other alcoholic delights.

We are staffed by a great team of passionate guys, who love to chat about everything wonderful thing we have, so please come give us a visit when you’re up in Fife!


A word from our directors, the Fusaro bothers.

We are often asked where the name Luvian comes from.  Well my brothers and I thought we were being very original when we came up with this name in 1980.  It is an acronym made up from LUigi VIncent ANtonio.  We learnt however that someone, actually many people, beat us to it – about 3 to 4 thousand years ago in fact!  It is thought to be the language and tribe of Ancient Troy.  (An interesting thought!  What if the Trojans had pondered a little longer, say about a week, before dragging the wooden horse into the city, and therefore causing the Greeks inside to die of thirst, would history have been completely different?)  But back to our original train of thought – our origins, or at least those of the Bottle Shops.

Luvians has become known internationally mainly for the fabulous range of Malt Whiskies.  Malt Whisky was still very rare in 1983.  Yes there were a few kinds around but not really that many.  In fact it would not be far off the truth to say that Luvians was one of the pioneers of Malt Whisky, along with those Great Standard Bearers, the Urquhart Family who own Gordon and MacPhail of Elgin.  Indeed in 1968 Professor David Daiches, one of the first of the modern writers on Malt Whisky, found it extremely difficult indeed to find more than 28 different bottlings of Malt on the market, and it was not much before this that the torch was taken up and on by another family – the Grants of Genfiddich; from just a very few cases they went on to become the Number One Single Malt in the World!

So modestly, we also think we are great ambassadors of Malt Whisky, rubbing shoulders as it were with some of the great names in the world of Malt Whisky!

Malt Whisky is not the only jewel in our casket.  Luvians is also widely known for the range of Fine Wines carried; still, sparkling and fortified: and of course the Ice Cream!

Our St Andrews branch – the Bottle Shop – opened some 20 years ago and has gone from strength to strength.  It is staffed by a great bunch of people (as is of course the Cupar shop!)  Friendly, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.  Curiously, the St Andrews’ shop is not a mirror image of Cupar’s.  It has a similar range of products, but overlaps rather than superimposes.  Similar but with its own character.

The Ice Cream Parlour is looked after by the AN in Luvians; Anthony.  It too is an interesting shop, in some ways a throwback to another time when Ice Cream Parlours had a little bit of everything: Ice Cream, of course, wonderful Ice Cream of many flavours; coffee; lovely chocolates of many different kinds; and a magnificent humidor full of Havana Cigars.  It has become a destination for all!